Seagate and Rookout Case Study2023-02-16T17:26:39+00:00

Project Description

Seagate and Rookout

Seagate’s Lyve Cloud Engineers Experiment Debugging with Rookout’s Technology

The highlight of the POC was that by implementing Rookout’s Live Debugger, Lyve Cloud Core developers were able to reduce their MTTR at least by 30%. Rookout also gave Seagate’s Lyve Cloud developer teams the power to debug without impacting issues such as stopping, re-editing, and relaunching code for every debug process.

Debugging became a simpler process with the Rookout Live Debugger in play, reducing the number of people needed to work on a debugging workflow and letting teams focus on scaling Lyve Cloud’s service to customers. Seagate Lyve Cloud and Lyve Labs were able to preserve and enhance the engineers’ experience, adhering to their SLAs and ensuring high availability to customers’ data storage. To understand more about the POC, see the case study here.