Seagate and Vanti Analytics POC Case Study2021-11-30T01:04:15+00:00

Project Description

Seagate and Vanti Analytics

Seagate & Vanti Analytics Accelerate Anomaly Detection Solution Scaling and Democratizes Machine Learning

Seagate partnered with Vanti-Analytics to address this scaling problem. Vanti worked with Seagate on a proof-of-concept to demonstrate the applicability of Vanti’s clustering algorithm. Vanti was able to demonstrate the advantages of their platform.

Multiple fault detection systems are currently in place throughout wafer manufacturing. Among their suite of solutions, there are image-based solutions that are trained to detect and classify known defects from the images that the factory tools produce. These were developed by Seagate’s in-house data scientists and machine learning experts, and fully integrated to work with the existing factory systems. Having conquered the area of known defects, the team wanted to address the next area of unknown defects; when even engineers cannot give them characteristics or predefine them. These defects are previously unseen and they may appear in any image, anytime.